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About the author

Cara McGee is currently living in Atlanta and desperately trying to finish the Sequential Program at SCAD. Don't ask how old she is because a lady never tells. Interests include baking, knitting, and quietly sitting. She does not, sadly, have any sort of musical ability, but she will write bad lyrics for your amusement.

email: mcgee.cara@gmail.com
Guys, I get really behind on emails sometimes. I do what I can, but if I don't reply right away, please don't be offended <3

So, what's the deal here anyway?
Basically, I'm in my last quarter at SCAD, and my very last major class happens to be Web Comics. So that means I'm getting graded on creating a comic about 30-something office workers starting a band and fighting zombies, and sharing it with the world. I'd like to go out of the program with a bang, so I want this comic to be as awesome as I can possibly make it, and your feedback is what's going to make it possible. Let me know what you do or don't like, and I will learn as I go!

Wait, so since this is a class assignment, will you stop updating when you finish the class?
No way! I've got a long story planned out, and there's no way I'll finish in the 10 weeks I'm taking the class for! As long as people are interested in reading it, I'll keep drawing it :)

What's the Posting Schedule then?
Well... I don't know yet. I think for the class I have to have at least one page uploaded each week, but I'm going to go out on a limb and try to update twice a week. No promises though. I am taking other classes, as well as working on a graphic novel for Oni and a couple of other projects. I am only one person.

I love such-and-such character! Can I draw fanart?
Omg, you never have to ask, as long as you don't claim the characters as your own (obviously). There is nothing I love more than getting fanart <3